Why content is the king in SEO?

Once upon a time when you wanted your keywords to be on the top of search engine you just crammed your website with full of keywords. Today SEO is more than that. Businesses are learning how to optimize their websites in a way to get good reputation in Google’s eye and increasing keyword rankings in the Google search results pages. Every business want to be found by people when they are searching for your...

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Importance of SEO in Web Designing

Around 90s search engine optimization was all about just stuffing your keywords into your website listing your sites in the top directories, making relevant Meta descriptions. And making your website performance better in search engines. Nowadays search engines such as Google have evolved with an intention to provide more relevant, quality results and Search Engine Optimization has become the most important...

February 16, 2016 by Leap Feed 0 Comments
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Explore the SEO Industry

As an ambitious business entrepreneur one always wish to take his business to the next level. To increase the target audience and broaden the target market. Internet is one of the great sources to present your business and to promote it viral. Virtual internet world makes it possible to connect billions of potential customers. In order to fetch good revenue, it is utmost necessary that your website appears on...

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Data Feed Management – An integral part in eCommerce

Nowadays ecommerce is the booming industry. Every online retailer wants his business to be online and doing great conversions. Data feed is nothing but a list of products along with certain product details. Data feed management is the process of optimizing your feeds in such a way that people can search it easily in search engines like amazon, eBay etc. There are many data feed companies in India who strives to...

August 21, 2015 by Leap Feed 0 Comments
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What is Data Feed Management and why do I need it??

What is Data Feed? A product data feed is a file of inventories containing all the key features and attributes of products . It then gets uploaded on major search engines and market places like Google shopping, amazon,ebay and many more. By making data feed that is a list of products in one place it becomes very easy for the online retailers to publish their products listing to any digital marketing channels...

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