What is Data Feed Management and why do I need it??

What is Data Feed?

A product data feed is a file of inventories containing all the key features and attributes of products . It then gets uploaded on major search engines and market places like Google shopping, amazon,ebay and many more. By making data feed that is a list of products in one place it becomes very easy for the online retailers to publish their products listing to any digital marketing channels they want.
The data feed is optimized by using many techniques of SEO to get higher clicks on your products.

Optimized data feeds helps in ->
  • Increasing visibility of your products
  • Getting more clicks on your products
  • Generating high conversion rates

Who Requires Product Data Feed? Any online retailers who want to upload their products on market places and shopping engines. There are many data feed service providers who provides online retailers the optimized data feeds.

For Example-
  • Fashion Retailers who wants to sale their products on marketplaces
  • Clothing retailers
  • Shoes retailers
  • Jewelry retailers
  • Beauty products retailers

Advantages of having data feeds –
  • Having one data feed can be uploaded in many digital marketing channels.
  • Optimized data feeds can increase the product visibity.
  • Increased product visibility can give more traffic on the products
  • As a result increased in revenues

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