Why content is the king in SEO?

Once upon a time when you wanted your keywords to be on the top of search engine you just crammed your website with full of keywords.

Today SEO is more than that. Businesses are learning how to optimize their websites in a way to get good reputation in Google’s eye and increasing keyword rankings in the Google search results pages.

Every business want to be found by people when they are searching for your services and products. And they want people to keep coming back when they visit the website. This is where content is important.

Webmasters and SEO Experts often says “Content is a king”. Yes its very true, content is what which attracts visitors.

Major search engines are focusing on creating the best possible user experience by proving them the relevant information which they have searched for. Good quality content is essential for SEO success in the current search climate.

Points to be noted while creating content:

1)It should be quality content – Do you want to provide the reason for people to spend more than few seconds on your blog/website? You should generate good quality, readable content. It should be rich in keywords, informative and interesting.

2)Quantity : On other hand your website should be updated regularly with new added content. How often you update your content that is the frequency depends on the kind of website you own.

3)Content Freshness : Search engines love new content. That’s usually what we mean when we say ‘fresh’. Content truly is king on the Internet. Use it properly, and first-time visitors will become repeat visitors. If you can't write good content yourself, LeapFeed can help you by providing an author who can write SEO-optimized content for your industry.

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