Importance of SEO in Web Designing

Around 90s search engine optimization was all about just stuffing your keywords into your website listing your sites in the top directories, making relevant Meta descriptions. And making your website performance better in search engines.

Nowadays search engines such as Google have evolved with an intention to provide more relevant, quality results and Search Engine Optimization has become the most important factor of marketing online. And webmasters would all agree it is one of the hardest things to do. However, we say do not worry. Because the key to better Search engine optimization and social networking is, have a great website.

The first team that you need to co-ordinate with is your website design team. Designers do not understand the terms and conditions of SEO. Thus they will not understand which image or design would be favorable for the SEO of a site. Well-executed SEO and well-executed design go hand in hand

Factors affecting SEO:

Keywords – The very first things we should implement in our SEO strategy is Keyword research. It’s the soul of your marketing strategy

Site Speed – Page loading speed is a huge issue for SEO: Google does not want to serve links to its users that take forever to load. When designers understand this, they avoid overly complex designs and handling of images that delay site speed.

URL structures – Good URL Example: http://www. Bad URL Example :

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