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Data Extraction Services

Are you looking for an expert to organize your scattered pool of data into a central repository? Are you looking to extract data from multiple sources and categorize them based on a criterion? You are at the right place. Our data extraction services includes crawling and extracting information from the deep web.

We have developed many softwares which can extract data anywhere from the web, we do it using APIs -

  • Brand new simplified user interface
  • Extremely fast search and accuracy
  • Extract any data you want by Custom data extraction
  • Allows you manage huge amount of data
  • Fast paced scrapping.
  • Highly accomodative for any business firm and individuals
  • It directly export the scraped data item to excel.
  • Avoids the misalignment of data thus ensure refined data for users.
  • It has potential of extracting data and saving them at the same time.
  • Embedded with latest technologies.

February 02, 2016

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