Question 1:- What all information is required to start feed?

Answer:- We need as much information available about the products to publish the feed. Send us data in your desired format or check our Data Input Sheet format.

Question 2:- Are the Channels in Pack fixed or they are changeable?

Answer:- The Channels included in Googly Pack are not changeable rest all Channels can be replaced with website of your choice.

Question 3:- Does LeapFeed™ helps to update Missing Information in Feeds or Website?

Answer:- Yes, we provide additional services for adding missing attributes like UPC, manufacturer part numbers, keywords etc.

Question 4:- How much time is required to complete the Feed?

Answer:- The Feeds are processed and uploaded within 5 working days.

Question 5:- Can I upgrade to any other Package once subscribed?

Answer:- Yes, you can subscribe to other packages which are of higher value than the existing package subscribed. The upgrade should happen within 30 days of delivery of existing package.

Question 6:- What if we have more than 10,000 Products?

Answer:- We cater any volume of data, kindly contact us with all details for exact quote for your requirements.

Question 7:- Can I customize the package?

Answer:- Yes, you can customize your packages as per your needs. Like 8 uploads a month or your choice for online channels. The customization charges will be communicated and updated in the fees.

Question 8:- Does troubleshooting attracts extra Fee?

Answer:- If there are any errors in the feed it will be corrected without any extra fee. Changes by any Shopping Channel in future requiring changes in feed would attract extra fees.

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