LeapFeed providing SEO services in mumbai

You have never heard of SEO before? Then Welcome to the world of Search engine optimization. Whenever you decide to search something in any search engine you type your query and press enter and you get the list of results. Normally those results which are on the first page gets more hits because that gives more relevant results. Have you ever wondered why these websites rank better than the other websites? Here comes a very powerful web marketing technique called SEO.

LeapFeed – Digital Marketing Company in India.

Here at LeapFeed We are a team of highly skilled seo consultant india who help our client to get their business a strong web presence. Our team uses the latest online marketing techniques, we choose best ethical SEO services to help our customers to boost their traffic, increase brand awareness, helps to reach the target audience and maximizes your return of investment (ROI).

On Page Optimization Services –

It is the crucial part of the search engine optimization activity. What does it exactly mean? It is the process of optimizing your website’s code, content, site structure, Meta tags and other on page elements in such a way that your website becomes search engine friendly.

1) Keyword Research
2) Title and Meta tags optimization
3) Content Optimization
4) URLs Optimization

Off Page Optimization Services-


Off Page optimization refers to the activity that is done Off-site and has nothing to do with to increase your presence in search engine result pages (SERPs).

1)Blog Optimization

2)Forum Postings

3)Directory Submission

4)Social Bookmarking

5)Video Promotions

6)Local Listings

7)Article Submission

8)Classifieds Submission


Why SEO is important??

1)A majority of the world is on the internet and search for products/services that they need.
2)Very few people go on second page of search results for their queries.
3)You will receive increased traffic to your website
4)Search engines grabbing more market share.
5)SEO Provides Endless Opportunity
6) Your competitors are doing it.

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